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Our Toronto Collection is designed to rep the 6IX while you walk the 6IX. We Torontonians are proud of our city, and our dogs deserve to show it too.

Each collar is designed in Toronto and made in the USA with the highest quality nylon webbing for durability. Our Toronto Skyline print is professionally sewn on top of the webbing for a distinct and sharp print. With both materials being water resistant, the collars are extremely easy to wash. 

All of our collars and leashes use aluminum metal hardware to provide the highest durability. All buckles have been sealed to eliminate tarnishing. 

The Toronto Buckle Collars come in both gold and silver hardware, on both black or red prints. To view other variations, please click here.

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Measure your dog's neck, flush to the skin. Take this size and match it up to our sizing chart. 

Collar Size Neck Size
XL (1" Width) 18" - 31”
(1" Width) 14” - 22"
(Both 3/4" and 1" Width) 12”-17”
(3/4" Width) 9”-13”
XS (3/4" Width) 7”-10”

Buckles are aluminum.

All collars are a mixture of nylon and poly webbing.

1. Soak the collar or leash in warm water and soap. Do not bleach, but oxyclean is fine.
2. Use your hands or a sponge to remove any tough spots. Do not use anything abrasive.
3. Rinse in clean water.
4. Use a sponge to remove excess water.
5. Let air dry.

.* We do not recommend using a washing machine or dryer as the metal on the product could damage your machine.

XS - 2.0 OZ

S - 2.25 OZ

M - 3/4" - 2.5 OZ

M - 1" 2.75 OZ

L - 3.25 OZ

XL - 5 OZ

4FT - 3.25 OZ

6FT 1" - 5 OZ

6FT 3/4" - 3.25 OZ

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