How To Get Your Dog Viral On TikTok

How To Get Your Dog Viral On TikTok

Move over Snapchat and Instagram, there's a new app in town. Many refer to her as "the new vine" but Tik Tok is taking it to the next levels with their video editing capabilities and license to 15 seconds for millions of songs. With over 1 billion users on TikTok, this app has far surpassed the fading trend that was Vine (Rest in peace dear friend, you're a distant meme-ory now).

  • This app can feel daunting.
  • The memes can feel foreign.
  • Some people just don't get it.

BUT TRUST ME... All you have to do is watch enough videos and you will start to get it. There are even grandma's on the app with over a million followers.

I've spent a lot of time on this app... probably more than I care to admit. I've hit 10K followers in a few months with minimal effort. Trust me when I say, you can do it too!

Hack the TikTok "For You" Page

I believe that TikTok has a 30% interaction rate or greater they look for to get your content a lot of views and be shared to the "For You" page. Ultimately the more repeat views, likes, comments and shares you get, the better your post will do.

1. Really Short Content

You thought a 15 second video was short? Try making a 5 second videos that will get the user to watch your video from start to finish more than once.

Keep in mind this could get you a lot more views but not necessarily more likes for follows.

2. Post Frequently

The beauty of any social media algorithm is not all of your followers will be served your content. You can post as much as you want. However, quality trumps quantity on TikTok.

4. Recreate Popular Memes

Are you starting to see the same meme on TikTok by multiple users? Now is the time to make your own with your dog. If you can get on a meme before it hits the trending section, you have a lot better chance at TikTok success.

6. Sync your Videos to the beat of the music

It's visually appealing and the app can basically do this for you if you upload multiple clips and choose a song. The more you film and edit Tik Tok videos, the better you will get at it.

7. Get Inspired, Have Fun & Create Quality Content

The talent on TikTok is high.

From crazy video edits, to amazing musicians, to comedians and actors in the making - you are undoubtably going to get inspired.

Have fun - be silly - don't be a Karen.

The more content you make, the better at editing you will get!

Bad Instagram Habits You Can Leave at the Door

1. Leave Your "Follow... Unfollow" on Instagram

You may gain a follower here or there from following someone. However if you play the follow/unfollow game on TikTok, you're mainly going to waste your time.

2. Hashtags Probably Won't Get You Viral Views

While some people will watch hashtag related content, unless you're early to that meme it is not going to benefit you very much. You need to focus on getting views, shares, comments, like and follows from posts. 

If you're going to use hashtags, don't use all the trending ones. Pick ones that are actually relevant to your content.

Remember: #foryou doesn't mean For You page features.

3. Liking and Interacting with Content Won't Get You TikTok Viral Unless...

Unless you're extremely witty while addressing the comments on your posts and establishing your TikTok identity, this method is not going to help you get followers or make you go viral on TikTok.

The TikTok App is meant for people 13+. If you are under 18, consult your parents before installing it.