Instagram Feature Accounts for Canadian Dogs

Instagram Feature Accounts for Canadian Dogs

Growing your Instagram account for your pup successfully is not for the faint of heart - it takes hours of work from photographs, to editing, to engaging with other accounts. There are some accounts on insta called feature accounts that can help you gain notoriety for your best work. As a Canadian company we want to show you some fellow Canadian accounts that can help promote you to their audiences by tagging them, using a hashtag or submitting your photos/videos directly to their site.

Remember to follow each account's rules for how to submit photos and make sure you're following any account before tagging them. I would also suggest rotating who you tag in your photos so you aren't spamming single accounts for features.



DOGS OF CANADA - @dogsofcanada
  • Post a photo with personality - action shots, funny faces, etc.
  • Tag @dogsofcanada in your photo
  • Use #dogsofcanada in your caption


CANADA PAWS - @canada_paws
  • Tag @canada_paws in your photo
  • DM your photo


CANADIAN SCHNAUZERS - @canadianschnauzers
  • Photo contains schnauzer or schnauzer mix
  • DM your photo
  • Use #canadianschnauzers in your caption
  • Tag @canadianschnauzers in your photo

CANADAPUPS - @canadapups
  • Use #canadapups in your caption


BONE AND BRED - @boneandbred
  • Be wearing Bone and Bred
  • Tag @boneandbred in your photo




These accounts feature dogs with photos in specific regions of across canada. You need to make sure your photo is in the city or province desired by the account to get featured.

FRENCHIES OF TORONTO - @frenciesoftoronto

  • Tag @frenchiesoftoronto in your photo
  • DM your Toronto based photo



DOGS OF TTC@dogsofttc

  • Photo must be the TTC
  • Tag @dogsofttc in your photo
  • Use #dogsofttc in your photo
  • DM photos


CREW DU QC@crewduqc

  • Tag @crewduqc in your photo or email photos
  • DM your photos



DOGS OF VANCOUVER BC - @dogsofvancouverbc

  • Tag @dogsofvancouverbc in your photo
  • Comment #dovbypaula in your caption


WINNIPEG DOGS - @winnipeg.dogs

  •  Tag @winnipeg.dogs in your photo 

OTTAWA DOGS - @ottawadogs

  • Tag @ottawadogs in your photo
  • Use #ottawadogs in your caption

DOGS OF OTTAWA - @dogsofott

  • Tag or DM @dogsofott