Vancouver Leash - Black

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The west coast is the best coast, but dogs they're better than the best. 

And quite frankly dogs deserve the best from Bone and Bred.

We know you love Van city almost as much as you love dogs.

  • High Quality nylon webbing
  • Strong and durable for any "Puller"
  • Leashes and collars come in both Gold and Silver finishes
  • Aluminum hardware, and matching Vancouver collars in buckle and martingale
  • Designed in Canada, made in North America

Leashes come in 6FT and 4FT lengths. Our 6FT comes in 3/4" and 1" thickness, while the 4FT comes in 1" only.

Buckles are aluminum.

All collars are a mixture of nylon and poly webbing.

1. Soak the collar or leash in warm water and soap. Do not bleach, but oxyclean is fine.
2. Use your hands or a sponge to remove any tough spots. Do not use anything abrasive.
3. Rinse in clean water.
4. Use a sponge to remove excess water.
5. Let air dry.

.* We do not recommend using a washing machine or dryer as the metal on the product could damage your machine.

XS - 2.0 OZ

S - 2.25 OZ

M - 3/4" - 2.5 OZ

M - 1" 2.75 OZ

L - 3.25 OZ

XL - 5 OZ

4FT - 3.25 OZ

6FT 1" - 5 OZ

6FT 3/4" - 3.25 OZ

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